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Tom Kates Home Page

Welcome to yet another web site blog page, featuring some thoughts of Tom Kates.  This page, is meant to be a discourse about the love that Tom Kates has for shooting photographs outside.  There is something special about humans need to be out in nature.  E.O. Wilson speaks of “biophilia” or man’s need to connect with living things.  He goes even further to talk of “nature deficit disorder” to describe people who get an inadequate amount of time outside in nature.  Tom Kates takes special pleasure in the fact that a good percentage of his work, takes him into the outdoors.  Sometimes well off the beaten path.  Here he hopes to share some samples of his work that has been shot in places outside of the corporate or retail buildings where so many of us spend our time.

Tom Kates also wants you to connect with his other forums to show work and thoughts.  The following are quite a number of links to try out in that regard.  The first place to try is his main web site featuring his photography at  Also please try Tom Kates’ FoundFolios link where you can see an even broader range of work.  Other links that might be helpful are my ASMP link, the black and white blog, the behind the scenes blog.  Some other sites might be this one with just some basic info, as well as another site with the basics on it.

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